Author Topic: "Say 'Hi' to any person above you and ask TPBM anything" thread  (Read 69786 times)

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Re: \"Say \'Hi\' to any person above you and ask TPBM anything\" thread
« Reply #1525 on: July 29, 2018, 06:47:50 AM »
I've been reading a lot elsewhere on the alien issue. I'm more inclined to the extra-dimensional view. I think what we're dealing with are entities that can move between universes/realities, can travel through time and even stop it, and surround us using their ability to manipulate our reality and, so, remain invisible to us.

Agree, and i also think they have physical form, not merely energy. Theyre invisible cos they can manipulate mind and optic. Strangely low pixel cellphone camera often caught their appearance, both in blurry to vivid form, like this pic taken at my uncle's mother in law's house, it looks like a person with a mask, although everyone guaranteed it's not a person (from our dimension that is)

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