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Minimalism/ Decluttering Journal
« on: January 16, 2017, 07:26:47 AM »
Anybody want to join in? 

I started on the 1st of January, "giving" myself one item each day, wanting to see at what point I have enough for a good life.  (I'm still using all of my ridiculous number of possessions, but I hope to find that I don't need most of it, and to be able to happily give it away.)

So far, I have:
1. Cash
2. A raincoat with a zip-out lining
3. A box of emergency food
4. Shoes
5. Long pants
6. A short-sleeved collared shirt
7. Soap
8. TP
9. Dog water bowl
10. An undergarment

At this point I tried living with just these things for 2 hours.  It was unpleasant. The shoes rubbed my feet, I couldn't get much done (no gloves, no tools, no cleaning cloth) or have much fun (didn't even have a book), couldn't write anything, etc. I'm planning to try it again on the 20th, for maybe 3 hours, and every 10 days after. I've added more things:

11. My sofa--to sit on, lie on, and cuddle with my dogs on
12. The house, which I added for completeness and honesty.  Very important to quality of life.
13. Socks
14. Refrigerator--now I can have fresh food, although I would still have to take a cab to buy them.
15. Paper towels--I want to be able to do some cleaning.  I've never been able to get using rags to work.  So dirty, so damp, but the low volume makes using the clothes washer seem wasteful.


Re: Minimalism/ Decluttering Journal
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2017, 02:27:59 AM »
Since last time I added 5 more things, then tried living with the 20 things I've now allowed myself.  The new ones are:

Jan. 16--Toothpaste
17--a Tank Top
18. Toothbrush
19. Ball point pen
20. Light cotton jacket

I went for 3 hours using just the 20 things.  It was a lot better than it was with 10 things. A few highlights:

** This time I tried to not look at a watch or clock (cheated last time).  It seemed almost impossible, because how would I know when the 3 hours were up, at 5pm? 
Then I remembered that I walk the dogs at 5 because by then the sun is mostly behind trees and doesn't shine in my eyes much.  So I watched the light and shadows.  It was wonderfully peaceful.  Time seemed to stretch like the shadows across the floor.  No sense of hurry; just letting the day slowly unfold.

** If you have a good thick ballpoint pen, you can write some pretty good notes on paper towels.

** Things I most wished that I had:

-a cup, for water--Since I had soap, last time I washed my hands and drank out of them.  A cup is probably more sanitary and would be really nice.
-a bowl and spoon--I could eat more than finger food.
-a pillow
-a chair outside
-some gloves for pulling weeds
-some tools for yard work like a trowel or pruner
-some tough water-resistant shoes for yard work
-disinfecting spray for the kitchen and baths
-a book

None of these are necessary for life, but I'm going for a pleasant life, not as much deprivation as possible. 

*** AN UNEXPECTED BENEFIT of this project and a reason you should try it yourself:  ***

When I'm tempted to buy something, I ask myself "Is this likely to appear in my list of the best 365 things to have?"  When I realize it isn't, I don't buy it, which has saved me some money and some space.  (My plan is to get rid of everything but the 365 things, or 250, or 400, whatever it takes to have a good *and* uncluttered life. Who wants to buy something and then get rid of it in less than a year?)


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Re: Minimalism/ Decluttering Journal
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2017, 06:51:03 AM »
I'm trying the same thing from a different angle.  We itemize on our taxes which allows us to give our stuff to charity and decide how much it is worth and count it toward charity.  We get this and to get rid of stuff we don't need.  I have been taking stuff off since last year.  As soon as I have enough, I take it off.  I go through each room and get rid of what I don't need each time and I find that I get rid of a little more with each trip.  I've been going through the kids toys lately.  I want to work my way down to only what I use, need, and have to keep.  I would like to have a house with a more bare look to it.  It does have the same effect that you describe though; when I shop, I try to decide if it is something that I may cart off later and sometimes that keeps me from buying it.