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drywall jesus

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I just thought usually when I'm by myself I just stare
Off into space and sometimes its a wall.  Sometimes
You see patterns in the paint/stucco: drywall jesus was

drywall jesus

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Re: Your Username
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I have a few different user names I use, in here it is just my nick name with the year.

Other names names would be tazenter which is taz the cartoon character with enter "tazenter" taz is entering.

Another is landshark a skit from the original SNL with John Belushi, Gida Radner etc..

Screw this place, makes me feel worse!

I am trying to delete this account but can't for some reason?
It asks for password but will not accept my password?

If anyone that is in control of this site like a moderator please delete my account, get me the hell out of here.......