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Re: Slang Terms and Phrases In Your Country/Language.
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The only regional slang word I know of isn't even really slang, it's wicked which is used as an adjective for just about everything. Where as in the rest of the world wicked means evil or something in new England it's used to sort of bolster just HOW bad or good something is/was. For example, "It's wicked cold out"  or "That thing is wicked cool man!"

I don't really say it anymore as I've noticed that it tends to annoy people from other parts of the country, they at least point it out. But I grew up saying it all the time.

Apparently I'm a little behind on the slang of todays youth...I was talking to this guy Gary the other night and he was like "yeah there were a lot of (????) there" I don't know what he said so I just smiled and nodded. He must of realized I had no idea what he was saying because he said "You know like hot girls" No, I apparently don't know. And he's only about five years younger than me I think. That stuff changes all the time.